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Sexting is a great way to share your needs with your partner and get comfortable with asking for what you want. But even though sexting is a great way to communicate with a partner, you might still end up searching for what to say. Here are some prompts for if you’re stuck while sexting!

Throughout the ages, many people have tried to rid themselves of their non-normative sexual desires. Even more often, inhumane "treatment" has been forced on fetishists in an attempt to "cure" them of their proclivities. But is it actually even possible to rid oneself of a fetish?
When men feel they are wanted, that in turn makes them want to please their partner. And what’s one thing that most men love…fellatio, better known to most as ”Blow-jobs.” Let’s discuss 3 ways you can step up your fellatio game!
If you Google "bisexuality," articles come up that discuss how challenging it is to bisexual. These articles discuss our negative mental health disparities, harmful stereotypes about bisexuals, and so on. Few articles address all the incredible things about being bisexual. Well, this article will remind you why being bisexual is a blessing.
Lube this, lube that! With so many lubes on the market, sometimes it can be hard to tell which one is right for you. Using sexual lubricants during sexual intercourse, masturbation and for use with sex toys enhances the experience for most people. Keep reading...

One sure-fire way for men to improve their intimacy is to make their penis harder and bigger, and last longer. Now that I’ve got your attention, you may be thinking, is this really possible? So many men desire to have a harder erection, bigger penis, and last longer but they don’t know how or even if they can achieve this. However, if you’re willing to try something different, and think outside of the box, you can achieve your goals. Keep reading...