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If you're trying anal sex, it should be (and can be!) pleasurable for everyone involved. Here are four reasons why you should consider exploring anal sex.

Solo sex is important, but it's easy to focus on the orgasm and forget how fun it can be in its own right. Here are some ways you can ‘level up’ your solo sex and remember how good it can feel to just enjoy the journey.
Human sexuality is vast and ever-expanding; we seem to develop more and more new fetishes every year, all of them fascinating in their own unique ways.
One key motivator for some kinky folks is the way that kink can reduce their stress level, both in the moment during a scene and in a more long-term way over months or years. Here are some of the ways kink lowers stress in the body and brain.
Are you interested in taking the lead in the bedroom? There’s no better way to spice up your sex life than with a little switch-a-roo in the bedroom. As long as both adults consent (so be sure to discuss this to make sure your partner approves), being the dominant partner for pleasure in the bedroom is a fun and creative way to liven things up and make you feel powerful. Here are 5 ways you can successfully be a dominant partner in the bedroom.

In order to have a more satisfying sex life, it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in the skin you’re in. What can you do to accept your body just the way it is? Keep reading...

Sexting is a great way to share your needs with your partner and get comfortable with asking for what you want. But even though sexting is a great way to communicate with a partner, you might still end up searching for what to say. Here are some prompts for if you’re stuck while sexting!

Throughout the ages, many people have tried to rid themselves of their non-normative sexual desires. Even more often, inhumane "treatment" has been forced on fetishists in an attempt to "cure" them of their proclivities. But is it actually even possible to rid oneself of a fetish?